Welcome to Objects in Motion, a website dedicated to providing a platform for free thought and expression. 

When the internet began to seep its way into common households in the 1990’s, it was an unregulated,  non monopolized wonder of human thought. Websites sprang up, seemingly from everywhere. The thoughts, hopes, and dreams of the people connected to it flowed without restraint.

Over time, some companies rose out of that chaos and became monolithic gatekeepers of thought and expression. These corporate giants do not permit free expression on their platforms. After all, corporations are run by people, and people have agendas.

Objects in Motion is a homage to the early days of the internet. When posting a political opinion didn’t trigger a mentally deranged activist into posting your personal information for all the world to see. Though it may seem like a fairy tale in society today, there was a time when differences of opinion were respected. Perhaps in time, society will see those days again.