Rose City ANTIFA goes crazy in Portland again

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    So over the weekend Rose city ANTIFA went ape-shit again. This time they beat up a conservative blogger. I know the news is calling him a journalist, but I’m pretty sure he just does reporting for his own website. I guess you could call him an independent journalist, but he’s definitely a blogger. Anyway look at this video…

    You can clearly see someone punch him in the back of his head, while others throw milkshakes and rough him up. Apparently he wound up in the hospital with a brain bleed. His lawyer says she is going to sue somebody. I Don’t know what masked person she plans to sue, but I’m pretty sure she isn’t gong to get much of a monetary reward considering the condition of the people in the video. I’don’t think most of them are employed in any real sense of the word.

    This is the same group that beat up an old man a few hours later. I couldn’t find the video, but the pic is linked here .

    Behavior like this in the part of Rose City ANTIFA has been going on for a few years now. Between shit like this and the things that the Oregon Democrats are doing in Salem I’m surprised we don’t have a full fledged rebellion on our hands. They just passed a measure allowing Illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses, even though the voters rejected that measure 2 years ago. And even though the Cap and Trade bill was buried, the Governor now says she’ll use executive powers to ram it through anyway. I just wonder how much more the right wing, and the moderates in Oregon are going to allow themselves to be pushed like this. Every major city in Oregon is overrun with an enormous homeless population. The Public employee retirement system is literally bankrupting the state. The schools are some of the worst in the country, and ANTIFA has license to do basically whatever they want with no consequences thank to the Mayor of Portland.

    Why do normal people allow this to happen? What will it take to confront these issues? If the police will not do anything, at all, about ANTIFA, who will?

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    Here are a couple videos I found of the fight between ANTIFA and the rally.  The tweets are from an ANTIFA guy. Frankley I am seeing something much different than what he is describing.








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