Remember the Cant!

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    So Syfy just announced that they are not going to renew The Expanse for a fourth season.

    While the show has been quite popular through streaming services, it’s viewership via regular broadcasting (Syfy) has dropped every season. People speculate that this is because the type of viewers this show attracts are those that prefer to stream their television as opposed to having a cable television provider. I can vouch for that, I refuse to pay the astronomical prices for a bunch of channels I won’t ever watch. Plus commercials… I can live without them.

    Since Syfy only has rights to first-run linear viewing in the U.S. it relies on viewers to watch live week after week in order to make a profit. So it is perfectly understandable why they are having to back out of the show. Frankly it was kinda a bad deal for them.

    Alcon Television Group which actually produces The Expanse is shopping for another company to take the show on. So there is still hope that we might get a continuation of the series. Many are hoping that Amazon who is the streaming source for the U.S. will pick up The Exspanse since it is the 3rd most watched show available on their service. So hit up Amazon and Netflix and let them know that you want to continue to see this show. If you got blackmail on anyone connected to a TV network pull it out and get them to make this show.

    The Expanse is an awesome show, with great characters and story-line. Plenty of subplots and intrigue to keep the most hardcore GoT fan entertained. It’s gritty and suspenseful spotted with some great action sequences. The effects are quite good and the acting is superior to most Syfy series. If you haven’t watched this show already I highly recommend you do. Haven’t met a person yet who didn’t like it.

    Remember the Cant!

    I always get the shakes before a drop.

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