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    I found this guy’s channel last week and have been really enjoying his videos. The thing that I think is great about his interviews is that he does a really good job of being impartial, rarely providing his personal stance to people unless asked directly. He has been to many different kinds of events and talks to people no matter their political stance. He asks people about their opinions on whatever the current subject matter is and then asks them for data that backs up their opinion. He himself seems to be very well informed. I can tell he does a lot of research before each event so that he is able to ask intelligent questions and be able to provide data that either refutes or supports claims made by those he interviews. He always links his sources and other interest material so that his watchers can check his work and get information he is unable to cover due to time restraints. I highly recommend his channel to people who are interested in seeing an actual dialog between people with opposing opinions rather than just shouting matches.
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    I always get the shakes before a drop.

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