Migrant Caravan Moves North

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    What started as 160 people in San Pedro Sula, Honduras banding together for protection as they made their way to the U.S. has now grown to over 7,000. The caravan that started moving toward the U.S. on Oct 12th reached the Guatemalan/Mexican border and tried to storm it in the morning of Friday the 19th. The migrants pushed through barriers overwhelming police on the Guatemalan side of the border then continued across the bridge en mass toward the Mexican side. There they were met with stiff resistance as the police used tear gas and riot gear to hold back hoards of people trying to force their way though. Mexican authorities then decided to let through women and children as well as anyone with the proper visas. 4,000 ended up being allowed through the border gates. Meanwhile thousands more crossed the river by raft or by swimming and were not stopped by Mexican police once on the other side.
    Over 5,000 migrants were put up in shelters in the border town of Ciudad Hildalgo while another 2,000 rested the town square. Initially some of the migrants were offered asylum in Mexico or help back to their countries of origin.  At the same time the UN was attempting to work out other countries to take in some of these “refugees”. At the time the people of the caravan were insistent on making their way north to the U.S. boarder.
    In the weeks since then, the caravan has steadily moved north in it’s push to the U.S. border. Fatigue and weather conditions have eroded the moral of the migrant caravan and of those 7,000 that crossed into mexico 3,000 have now either returned home or taken Mexico up on it’s offers of asylum. Many have said that they will stay in mexico for a year or so making money in order to pay for a Coyote to take them across the U.S. border at a later time when tensions have cooled down.
    On Friday Nov 2nd governor Yunes of Veracruz offered the remaining 4,000 migrants buses to take them north to Mexico City, but quickly took back this offer claiming that water issues in that city made it unable to provide hospitality to the migrants. He stated that they could take the migrants to another large city to the south where they could get rest and the medical attention they need. The migrants were upset with this news and wrote a letter condemning governor Yunes saying that “We consider that the argument of the shortage of water is not a valid one.” And “The hard conditions, the lack of proper shelter and proper food has impacted on the health of the people.”
    Meanwhile another 2 caravans have crossed the Guatemalan/Mexican border each containing about 1,500 migrants. President Trump has sent 1,000 troops to the U.S./Mexican border with plans to send another 5,000 if the caravans do not turn away. Several migrants families in the first caravan are currently attempting to sue President Trump for his approach to illegal migrants claiming it is violating due process which is protected under the 5th Amendment.
    We have a lot to unpack here. First lets look the lawsuit. The portion that is being focused on is “nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. These people are not U.S. citizens, are not U.S. soil, or under arrest by U.S. law enforcement at the moment. They therefore have no rights under the U.S. Constitution. They are suing over rights they do not have because of a possible future event that has yet to take place. I cannot believe that it is being taken seriously. It is a very obvious attempt to bully their way into the country just as they did at the Mexican border. The U.S. is not making these people come here, in fact it is asking them to go home. The migrants are ignoring this hoping that once they get here they can force their way across the border or claim asylum and then be under U.S. law.
    The outrage they have shown toward governor Yunes is unwarranted. He wanted them out of his state because of the resource drain and so he tried to shove the migrants off on the Mexican capital while making it seem he was doing the migrants a favor. He obviously got overruled and was told to deal with it, hence the BS story about water issues. But the fact that these migrants are now claiming that their suffering is his fault because of “hard conditions, the lack of proper shelter and proper food”. Seriously? Did they think it was going to be a short walk in the park to go from central America to the U.S.? These people did not bring any supplies with them are a relying on the good graces of those in the area to supply them with food, water, and medical attention. And then they go and spit in the Mexican peoples’ faces by saying “hey, your country isn’t good enough to take asylum in so we are just gonna take advantage of your hospitality and head to the U.S. because they have more free stuff than you.” Again, a bunch of bullies trying to take from others under the shroud of supposed victim-hood.
    And that’s what they claim to be. “Victims”. Poverty and violence are forcing them from their native countries. I have looked at a lot of photos and videos coming out of the caravans. Pretty much all of the people look like they just walked out of an Old Navy or Gap store. I have even seen people wearing Oakley and Adidas merch. I have also yet to see any photos of emaciated, starving people. In fact a good amount of them look like me, meaning they have extra fluff they could afford to lose. So yes, while it is a poor country and they don’t all have HDTVs and smartphones, most of them seem to be clothed, fed, with a roof over their head. As far as violence goes, yes, Honduras and some other central American countries have some major issues with crime and murder. But it is not a war zone and there isn’t genocide going on. Instead of banding together to leave their countries, maybe they should band together to fight the crime they so fear. While there are some families in the migrant caravans the majority of the group is made up of teenage boys and young men. Instead of running away they should stay and protect their families and try to make their country a better place to live.
    The migrants coming toward the U.S. are not helping the situation in their home countries. I have seen interviews coming out of these caravans of boys leaving their families without telling them, men leaving their wives, and mothers abandoning their children just to get to the U.S. People want to throw a tantrum about children being temporarily separated from their parents at the U.S. border when coming here illegally. What about all the families that are broken up and left defenseless because of these people abandoning their supposed “loved ones”. With all these men leaving who is going to provide for their families and protect them from the criminals who would take what little they have. It is stupid to think that most of these people in the caravans are in anyway motivated my altruism as many media outlets would like you to believe.

    According to the UN’s Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees the migrants in the caravans do not qualify as refugees in need of asylum because they are not suffering persecution due to religion, race, political affiliation, or other qualifying factors. Even if they did, Mexico having already offered asylum to them and them not accepting it, disqualifies them from any asylum rights they might have had once they get to the U.S. border. I have no problem with legal immigration or legitimate refugees seeking sanctuary. Our country was founded on people doing just that. But coming here outside the proper immigration channels in order to take advantage of our society and steal the resources it produces qualifies as a foreign invasion and should be dealt with accordingly.

    I always get the shakes before a drop.

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