Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, and… Alex Jones?

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    The past month has seen Alex Jones and his brands falling on some serious hard times after most of the tech giants began banning him from posting content on their sites. YouTube took his page down, Twitter banned him permanently, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify all followed suit. The only reason the tech companies gave was that he violated terms of service or community guidelines, but as privately owned companies they do have a right to ban whomever they want, and for whatever reason they want. Still, I found it very odd that he was able to get banned from most major social media sites on the exact same day.
    I’m still not entirely sure what exactly it was that got him banned from these sites, because no one has ever pointed out exactly what he said or did. I started searching the internet for an exact reason as to why he got permanently banned but all I could find where vague mentions of offensive conspiratorial comments he had made. The thing is, he has made a living off of doing exactly that since 1995, and no one seemed to care that he was ranting and raving on YouTube over the last decade until recently. So why the sudden outrage?
    Today I was talking about this whole Alex Jones debacle with a friend of mine. After some searching on the internet I found this video uploaded to YouTube yesterday. You see, back in February Alex Jones was on the Joe Rogan show. On that show he spoke about conspiracies centered around AI (artificial intelligence), and that all the major Tech companies were involved in it. (you can watch that interview here Fast forward to September 6th when Elon Musk was interviewed by Joe Rogan. He said very similar things about the tech companies and the dangers of AI. (you can watch that interview here Luckily for us Youtuber Ignacio Alonso Created a short comparison video of the two interviews for your viewing enjoyment. It is interesting to note Joe Rogans reactions to Alex Jones, then his reactions to Elon Musk saying the same thing. I guess it pays to be a well spoken billionaire.

    In a time when many people are trying to unplug from social media, the tech giants are increasingly finding ways to keep people addicted to them. Or as Alex Jones would say, “There is a war on for your mind.”

    “When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”
    ― Ron Paul

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