Israeli Bandage

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    The Emergency Bandage, commonly referred to as the “Israeli Bandage”, is an all-in-one wound dressing. Created by Bernard Bar-Natan, he got the idea for the bandage while going through medic training during his service in the Israeli Defense Forces. During his time as a medic he noticed that all their bandages were manufactured during WWII and that their way to apply pressure to a wound in the field was to wrap a stone in the bandage above the wound site.
    He designed his bandage to have a built in pressure applicator as well as a non-adherent dressing so that removal of the bandage would not pull out clots and reopen the wound. Using an elastic wrap allows the bandage to contour to any body part and adds extra pressure to the wound area. This bandage applies enough pressure that it can be used as an impromptu tourniquet when needed.
    I think these bandages are a great tool to have in any medical kit. I keep some in my bug out bags, in my cars, and my home medical supplies. These things are life-savers, literally. Of course you never want to be in a situation where you need one, but having a couple around for that “what if” situation brings peace of mind. Plus the bandages are vacuum sealed in a water and oxygen proof package, giving them an great shelf life well beyond whats actually printed on the package itself.
    So if you are thinking of adding something to your med kit or are building a new one, I highly recommend having a couple of these in there.

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