Defend the 2nd Rally

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    Right now the Oregon State Legislature is in session and has quite a few firearm related bills being submitted, most of which would limit gun rights. In order to show the Senators and Representatives that there are plenty of people in the state that don’t want their 2nd amendment rights being messed with there is a rally being organized for Saturday the 23rd of March on the steps of the State Capitol building. The event is being put on by Radian in partnership with Noveske and other local firearms clubs and businesses. Radian is offering a limited edition charging handle and safety selector combo with all funds going to the rally.

    Right now Democrats hold a super-majority in both the House and the Senate as well as having the Governorship. Unfortunately the loudest people in the Democratic voting base are very anti-gun and as most politicians often choose what will get them re-elected rather than what is best for everyone, we have cause to be concerned about what will emerge from the legislature this year. Little do these politicians know that there are plenty of people who voted for them who are gun lovers, not haters. And they also need to realize that they represent all the people in their districts, not just the ones who voted for them. So now is a good time make a “show of strength” and tell these politicians that we won’t let our right to bear arms be stripped from us.
    Here are a few links with further information for the rally:

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