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Turns out Cesar Altieri Sayoc is actually not a Native American. He claims to be part of the Seminole Tribe, but records show his father to be a Filipino immigrant and his mother was Italian-American. The Seminole Tribe has made a statement that Cesar has never worked for them or any of their affiliated organizations and that as far as they know he has no Seminole blood-line. As more information has become available about Cesar Sayoc, it paints a picture of a man who embellished or flat out lied about many aspects of his life. He seems to have had trouble holding down a regular job even though his resume boasts jobs such as male stripper, pizza delivery guy, DJ, and business owner. While he has a hardy list of petty crimes in his past he was also charged in 2002 with a felony when he threatening to bomb Florida Power and Light over a dispute surrounding the laundry mat business he had at the time. So, is this guy crazy? Maybe. He is definitely delusional. He seems like an angry person who runs his mouth and doesn’t make very good decisions. Luckily for those of the Democratic party he is also a really shitty bomb maker.

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