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On Wednesday, June 27th the Oregon Supreme Court deemed Oregon IP 43, as currently written, unable to be on the 2018 ballot due to misleading terminology and not informing voters of the full effects of the proposed legislation. Because of this and the time restraints of when they needed signatures for a valid IP (July 6th), proponents of IP 43 have decided to end their campaign to try to get the initiative passed this year. All this seems to be quite a shock to supporters of the Oregon gun ban who were convinced that Oregon’s Supreme Court would pass IP 43 and allow signatures to start being collected. Even up until the day before the court ruling many thought that it was a shoe-in and would be on the 2018 ballot for the public to vote on this fall.
So it is looking like Oregonians’ Second Amendment Rights are safe at the moment from any gun bans or forced re-registration. But advocates for the gun ban say they don’t plan on giving up. So we can look forward to more legislation proposals along these lines in the near future.

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